Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Richard Rutledge

Photographer Richard Rutledge, Vogue 1957.

Fuente: El Baúl de los Olvidos

Richard Avedon

Suzy Parker is wearing a black taffeta with very wide skirt and white taffeta panel in back, white taffeta sash, white taffeta petticoat by Grès, photo by Richard Avedon, Paris Studio, August 1956.

Fuente: Pleasurephoto

Lillian Bassman

When you think of iconic fashion photographers, chances are you think of names like Richard Avedon, Irving Penn, or, perhaps Cecil Beaton. However, a name that should not only be on your list, but somewhere very near the top, is Lillian Bassman, who, for more than 60 years defined not only fashion, but the role of a fashion photographer.

Fuente: Faded [+] Blurred

John French

Fuente: IPS Community

Norman Parkinson

In a career that spanned seven decades, Norman Parkinson dazzled the world with his sparkling inventiveness as a fashion photographer.

Fuente: Online Browsing

Margarita Kareva

Photography © Margarita Kareva

Fuente: Margarita Kareva

John French

John French was a well known fashion photographer in London during the 1950-60s. He was once described as “the man who brought a new glamour to fashion photography”.

Fuente: IPS Community

Patrick Demarchelier

Fuente: Diamonds & Dust

Tea Time

Fuente: vganchou.com

John French

Fuente: The Cutter and Tailor